We, at Harbor Seafood, believe it is our responsibility to consistently deliver/produce the highest quality seafood in the most efficient, environmentally safe, method while providing outstanding service to both our customers and supplier partners to maintain beneficial relationships.

Since 1975 Harbor Seafood has led the industry through experience, attention to detail, and impeccable customer service. It started on Canal Street as a general food brokerage and has grown into an International Seafood importer and exporter. Founder Pete Cardone used his extensive experience as a chef to become a successful and respected food broker. He discovered a passion for seafood after working with the Wakefield line and moved Harbor Seafood away from brokerage, into importing and packaging seafood of only the best quality.

Harbor Seafood outgrew its original location and moved to Great Neck, Long Island before finally settling in New Hyde Park. In order to provide customers with a greater depth of product they began sourcing from a wider variety of locations including: Canada, South America, Asia, and Central America. At Harbor, value is placed not only on the products, but on the people as well.  This means keeping a firm eye on social and environmental responsibility through conscientious sourcing practices, far-reaching charity work, and dedicated care to staff at home and abroad.

As the company continues to grow and expand at a staggering rate, Harbor Seafood’s commitment to quality, reliability, and long-term relationships, remains unchanged.

In 2013 Christian Limberg was promoted to President of Harbor Seafood; Christian’s foresight is what propelled the company to the next level. As managing partner and President, Christian has sought to strengthen and expand Harbor Seafood’s business model, while remaining loyal to the core formula that first made the company successful. This has been accomplished through various acquisitions, marketing agreements, and mergers with industry leaders such as: G.F. Higgins, Ocean Venture, Southern Fisheries, BJ Trading & Marketing, Royal Greenland, and Carrington Foods, Inc.

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