Harbor Joins NFI Crab Council, November 2017

June 21, 2018

Harbor Seafood is proud to announce that it has officially joined The NFI Crab Council. The Crab Council is composed of several companies from around the world who are committed to the sustainability of crab. Leading the change in the market and has been running Fishery Improvement Projects since 2009, the NFI Crab Council sponsors many sustainability projects. These projects are aimed to help keep crab levels high to safe guard supply for the market, as well as keep a healthy ecosystem in our oceans.

Keeping the market on track is vital for companies and individuals alike. Providing stability throughout the entire supply chain from the pickers and processors, to the sellers and buyers, ensures economic safety for all parties involved. The Council’s essential goal is to produce larger harvests of crab, without burdening the ecosystem, to guarantee consumers will have affordable and responsibly caught crab for years. The crab council accounts for 85% of the total Blue Crab market in the United States. The new standard has been created for these companies to fund projects that help local economies, the consumer, and fisheries located around the world.

Since the beginnings in 1975, Harbor Seafood has been a major player in the crab industry, their signature gold can pasteurized crabmeat can be found in markets all over the world. Harbor has always worked hard to carry our sustainable practices throughout their crab production methods, and are ready to take their efforts to another level, “We are excited to marry those efforts with the Crab Council’s and amplify our commitment to Blue Swimming Crab” Christian Limberg. The NFI Crab Council Chairman Brenden Sweeny states, “With Harbor Seafood, the crab council has reached a new level of industry prominence”.

As the Crab Council expands within the industry they are also working to spread awareness to consumers. All members of the NFI Crab Council are permitted to use the official NFI Crab Council Logo on their products to let consumers know the products they purchase are sustainable.

To learn more about the NFI Crab Council and their commitment to sustainability check out their webpage!

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