Professional Chef’s Association of South Jersey 2018

August 27, 2018

The ACFPCASJ is an association founded by 12 chefs who wanted to strengthen the American Culinary Federation’s commitment to training, education and humanitarian efforts in their local area of South Jersey. Today there are over 140 active junior, student and associate members as the association continues to grow. Some of the programs the association uses to further their commitments include: Adopt a School, Eating Healthy; Atlantic City Aquarium Historic Waterfront Foundation; the Chef at the Shore Event; and  Sister Jeans Soup Kitchen. Their initiatives strive to give back to their local community while also inspiring residents to explore nutrition.

In a way to raise funds to provide scholarships for local upcoming chefs, the ACFPCASJ hosts an annual Chef Scholarship Ball charity event. This year members of our team were given the opportunity to attend this beautifully organized event in support of the association that gives so much back to its community!

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