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F: 516.775.2407

Pete Cardone

Chairman of the Board

Christian Limberg


Thomas Higgins

V.P. of Procurement

Enrique A. Oyaga

Director of Business Development

Michael Lemmon


John Petrizzo

Director of Operations

Michael Kienke

Senior Account Manager

800-645-2211 ex. 141

Andrew DeBardelaben

Senior Account Manager

800-645-2211 ex. 143

Kent Keating

Senior Account Manager

978-376-1483 ex. 604

John Salierno

Business Development Sales Manager

800-645-2211 ex. 135

Trish Albano

Business Development Account Manager

800-645-2211 ex. 149

Mark Capazzoli

Western Regional Sales Manager

800-645-2211 ex. 438

Mark Heldman

Central Regional Sales Manager

800-645-2211 ex. 406

Alyssa Connor

Foodservice & National Accounts Program Manager

800-645-2211 ex. 101

Edwin Florez

Regional Account Executive


Stephen Thompson

Quality Assurance Director

Ilaura Rodriguez

Quality Assurance Administrator

John Paterson

Director Seafood Asia

Chris Holmgren

Director of Asian Operations

David Gale

USA / Russian Crab Procurement Director

John J. Zervas III

Customer Service Manager


Karen Turndahl

Customer Service Representative


William Senicola

Customer Service Representative


Bogdan Serbu

Director of Marketing / Strategic Planning


Carrington Foods, Inc.