Since 1993 Geomar has been considered Chile’s leading producer of gourmet canned seafood products. They credit their success to a combination of four key factors. These four elements include; premium raw materials, sustainable sourcing practices, best-in-class processing and packaging, and a global distribution network targeting specific markets with demand of unique, high-quality and sustainable seafood products.

Geomar products are predominately harvested by fishermen who dive into the sea and pick the shellfish by hand in wild areas approved and supervised by the government. This method of hand catching ensures responsible capture of wild life resources. Through years of working together, the company has created strong ties with local fishermen communities, enabling them to have stead access to natural resources while promoting responsible capture among fishermen and supporting local economies.

Geomar supplies jobs for more than 400 local fishermen and actively works with their communities to help improve the local business by buying their products and helping them develop capabilities, infrastructure and  good working conditions. After major tsunami devastation struck Chile in 2010, Geomar’s founder joint forces with a local non-profit to raise more than $1 mil help replace equipment fishermen has lost in the natural disaster. This initiative allowed the fisherman to keep their business and further their ties with the company to continue the promotion of sustainable extraction of resources.

As of 2018, Geomar and Harbor Seafood have partnered to combine their strengths and expand their reach and product lines.  Geomar is currently producing over 20 different value added products, exporting to more than 20 countries in Asia, Europe and America, successfully positioning Geomar as a world-wide brand in the niche market of gourmet canned seafood.